Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends that will dominate 2018 – Part I

We have no other option but learning something new and let it reflect on our work. Be it website designing or digital marketing, every year we have to integrate something new, even though the purpose is same. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, these platforms are going nowhere. Only the way you approach is changing. In fact, in the year 2017, businesses were still working out improving mobile loading times, when mobile marketing started influencing the consumers.

But again organizations are learning to keep up with the dynamic internet space. They know marketing trends keep getting outdated and they have to be with the flow no matter what. IoT, AI, Smart devices, machine learning, voice search, well, we got to hear a lot about these things the preceding year.

But what do we expect in the year 2018?

I’m pretty sure; either we will hear same things with more prominence or something new, or a hybrid of both.

Whatever it is, let’s not waste more time, but see what we have, right?

Digital Marketing Trends that will Rule 2018

TREND #1: More Dedicated Apps to Come

A dedicated app for business, why not? Google will be happier. The benefit is mutual. Your brand will have superior or let’s say dominant presence in the play store and all your customers have to do is tap once and access your services. No need specifically write URL and search your website.

Digital marketing antics come in a different scale, but the bottom line remains constant. Promote your brand and do more business.

Red Hat’s 2015 Mobile Maturity survey cited that 79% of all U.S companies have reported mobile apps contributing to their success.

Not convinced?

Then read this.

One of the ridiculous things about doing a business is most of the times people just imitate the concepts. So, there is more competition and customers will have more options and more brands to choose from. They cannot remember every brand that comes in the market and search individually.

There should be some way that will allow them to remember less and interact more.

Having a dedicated mobile app will do.

Running digital marketing campaign will be much easier. You can create loyalty programs and retain old customers or develop new activities and reach more mobile device users.

You can personalize your service; improve bonding with the customers, and boost profits.

TREND #2: Brands to Use Augmented Reality

I feel may be in this complete post we will learn different antics keeping the mobile device as the foundation.

According to Chris Carter, Rep Interactive, Facebook, and Instagram may soon implement AR on their platform. And if this materializes, then soon it will not be much longer before we see every brand providing AR experience to their customers.

Businesses should know they have a large percentage of tech-savvy millennials to target. They prefer something new, something exciting and AR marketing is the perfect tool.

If you look above you will easily understand augmented reality. It’s the overlay of digital information with the user’s environment in real-time. People today use powerful mobile devices and AR will allow you to powerfully execute your digital marketing campaign and reach customers without any flaw.

In 2014, the US postal service organization launched AR based service app. There were the first to adopt this technology. People using this app are allowed to scan collection boxes, as in the blue mailboxes and were treated with other engaging experiences.

You know, the post office is something you would not exactly enjoy visiting, but this particular organization has definitely managed to wrong that perception.

TREND #3: More Conversational Interactions

Conversation with bots will soon become a common phenomenon. If you think Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and other chatbots will just be a talking subject then you are wrong, you will find them very soon, everywhere around you.

Why digital marketing campaigns need conversational interactions?

Till now, the approach was monotonous. Use software tools or analytics; learn about the audience preference, then create ads that would catch their eye, once they click the ad; you take them to a place where they are pushed to do business with you.

Such a long, tiring procedure and after you do all these, and still you were not able to make them happy, it’s your loss and it shows you failed to understand their needs.

Instead of creating a county fair out of your brand, why don’t you directly learn what your customer’s want?

If you speak with customers in their own words, it will much easier to apprehend what exactly they need and expect from your brand. Big technology companies have already started off this.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a big brand. But if you get proprietary AI today, it’s a big benefit for your business.

TREND #4: Content Marketing Optimized for Voice Search

You: Ok Google… which is the best conditioner for dry hair?

Google: XYZ….

You: Thank You Google.

What do you feel when you look into this?

Don’t you think the customer is having a talk with a salesperson?

As reported in marketingprofs, nearly 50% of 914 people surveyed said they feel comfortable using voice search. Why? Because it supports hands-free approach and allows using natural conversational tone.

Content marketing and SEO comes under the umbrella of digital marketing. Till know, preferences were given to keywords and keyword density and how the content has to be optimized for these words.

With the growing adoption of voice search, this process will witness a slight development. Marketers have to focus more on long-tailed keywords. They have to first develop a website with chatbot feature, create Q&A in a conversational tone, and get customers onboard.

TREND #5: Adapting Predictive Algorithms

Digital marketing is not going to be cheap anymore. Frankly speaking, it was less expensive than traditional marketing, but with the growing out-of-the world technologies that are run by complex algorithms, you need some medium to keep your budget in check.

Use predictive analysis.

Do not waste money on campaigns that are ineffective. B2B and B2C companies, if they use predictive analysis in a smart way, they allow you to carry out marketing initiatives without making things expensive.

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