3 Key Tasks every Entrepreneur Should Outsource

key tasks to outsourceOutsourcing, the word has become too familiar in today’s business market. Organizations to have pertinent cost savings have adopted outsourcing as a habit rather than an option. Even budding entrepreneurs have joined the race vowing to the rise in expenses and the need to promote an increase in productivity.

Reason Organizations Outsource

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Source: Worlds outsourcing Summit

Tips on what aspects you should outsource

  • When business operations demand certain skill set and you do not have.
  • When more resources are required to work on a task.
  • Tasks that are time-consuming and doesn’t have any significant concept to get you interested.
  • When you are devoid of both time and capital to hire new resources.

As an entrepreneur certain tasks have to be outsourced and here is the list

    • Certain routine business operations are needed to be outsourced and the reason is quite clear. With scaling business, even back-end operations will expand eventually shifting your focus away from core business operations.
    • The cost of refocusing will definitely affect the production numbers, which is an unaffordable mistake in case a startup is in the picture.
    • Outsourcing is not a bad practice but a smart one. Administrative tasks generally keep entrepreneurs over-worked and exhausted. Similarly, scheduling tasks are significantly annoying and will eat a maximum amount of time and energy. You will be spending most of your time reading and marking the important emails over the non-essential ones.
    • Since virtual assistants can be employed on an hourly basis, it will be convenient for entrepreneur achieve two things simultaneously at once.
      • No requirement to spend on infrastructure or training.
      • Better quality of service with professionals on board.
    • What does a small business generally need?
    • The audience, traffic, and of course the conversions.
    • Regardless industry, content marketing is one such digital marketing campaign that guarantees all those elements. (Conditions apply!!)
    • Wow, are we taking any offers here to meet those conditions, whatever they may be?
    • Yes, your business will be gaining a lot in terms of success but not unless the content marketing campaign has been done in a right way.
    • Actually, there is lots of stuff in content marketing, which needs exclusive attention and steps to be followed to have a successive mark. From identifying your audience to developing a content strategy to production, distribution, promotion and finally tracking the numbers, the process is as long as a piece of string.
    • Content distribution is equally important as content creation, so it doesn’t make sense even if you create few worthy blogs and articles and just update on your website.
    • But when you outsource the same task to virtual assistants you can dedicate the same time doing other crucial development tasks and let them do the work efficiently for you.
    • It’s not just hiring resources or having extravagant infrastructure that gives small business a great reason to lead expensively on their small capital, but inaccurate payroll calculation.
    • Getting hammered under tax audits is the worst thing that can happen. Payroll is not completely just about paying the employees, it has a lot more to serve and you have to accept it gracefully even if you loathe doing it.
    • It’s not possible to avoid payroll operations, but you can certainly stay away from it through outsourcing to someone who has a natural flair working over it.
    • The decision to outsource will keep you away from tracking new regulations, late tax filings, stiff penalties, but yes definitely up-to-date with current rules.



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