Newsletter Design

Newsletters are a must for companies that offer products and services to both clients and end users. Newsletters are the ideal way of updating clients and end users about the latest company NEWS through a streamlined process. Newsletters can either be in the form of online publications or in the form of print media. These updates can be in the form of a short one page alert or in the form of a 2-3 page literature. There are various ways to design newsletters, while some clients prefer a more corporate approach; other clients prefer a direct yet non-conservative approach. Since newsletters have to be sent to both clients and end users on a periodical basis, it is important to have either an in-house team member or an outsourced contractor who can complete the task for you. Hiring an in-house team member only for newsletters can be a futile use of resources, however, contractors that design, create and send out newsletters can be hired on a contractual basis which works out more cost effective for companies.

Types of Newsletter Design Services

  • Designing the layout of the newsletter
  • Creating the content and adding images of any
  • Optimize newsletters for end users by using a variety of formatting and SEO techniques
  • Posting the newsletter through emails, online portals and other channels
  • A few contractors might go beyond the regular tasks mentioned here, they might help the client grow through helping visitors know where to subscribe online and offline.

Types of Contractors that Offer Newsletter Design Services

  • Freelance contractors who work on a task basis, hourly basis or contractual basis. Leaves and other company perks are not applicable to freelance contractors as they are goal oriented.
  • In-house members who are on a payroll and get sick leave, paid leave and other benefits.
  • Small companies such as IT and Web Development Firms that offer services in exchange for a stipulated fee. An advance, escrow payment or a full and final payment are the three types of payments accepted by small firms

Features of Outsourcing Newsletter Production Services

  • You get the services that you need within the set amount of time within the stipulated budget. Once the budget is decided and terms are accepted, the contractor starts working on the project without wasting any time.
  • The contractor accepts terms that are mutually decided and works according to your requirements.
  • The contractor provides you with periodical updates and requests feedback when needed.
  • Both the parties create a solid scope of work to ensure that the contractor is not over burdened with extra work on an urgent or last minute basis and the client gets what he needs as per the solid scope of work.
  • Affordable, reliable and timely services offered on a contractual basis that can be repeated as the need arises.