5 Good Reasons to Revamp your Website

A makeover for your website is not a bad idea, if your brand has completely vanished from the digital landscape. A lukewarm SEO performance is also sufficient to get going for a website redesigning concept. In this blog we will go through 5 solid reasons on why your website is failing to reach its prospective customers.

A website is obviously the face of your organization, which easily connects with your potential customers. So any kind of setback that is ceasing them from approaching your website or its services is to be countered efficiently.

When do you go with Website Redesigning?

It may be considered as the last step, if things are not in favor of your business. The word ‘things’ can represent numerous aspects. From attracting the audience to gaining favorable ROI, the success of a website depends on every possible element. Even if one element fails, it causes a repel effect that can cause a downfall in your website’s performance.

5 Logical Factors for a Website’s Progress

Does your website need a redesign? Go with these five factors to decide on that question.

  • High Bounce Rates in Google Analytics-
    • This is the first bell to make you aware that your website needs an immediate attention. A poor performance in terms visibility, functionality or altogether user-experience, leads to such development.
    • A free tool, Google Analytics effectively tracks and highlights every possible metrics including conversion rate, bounce rate, exit rate, and page views. Only through analyzing the data, and if certainly the percentage of bounce rate is higher, the redesigning approach is absolutely necessary.
  • Failing to reach the Mobile Users-
    • The only logic that one can make out is that your website is not responsive.
    • The world is on wheels, so are the customers. With mobile technology raging heavily, the websites without responsive feature will surely fail to reach the other section of audience. On the downside you will probably lose visibility as well as the potential customers.
    • SEO is all about how well you are available to your audience, and responsive technology is the best way to deal with it. Not only your website gains better leads, it will also attract a favorable spot in the search engines.
  • No Platform Compatibility-
    • Again this is something related to responsiveness of a website. A mere static website comes with lot of shortcomings that can hinder the growth of a potential business.
    • If you are in an Ecommerce business, then it is necessary to grow along with the scaling requirements. The need for a reach beyond a simple desktop has become necessary in order to mark a powerful performance.
    • A perfect launch in the digital platform is possible only if you provide the best user-experience across all the platforms.
  • Website is divergent from the Business Objectives-
    • What is the use of a website, which is not going with your customer needs? There is no doubt that redesigning is obviously on the page. If you are not satisfied with this reason, then probably you should ask yourself some questions.
      • Is your website resonating with the changing market?
      • Is your website generating enough leads?
      • Is your website reflecting your objectives?
    • If not, then only a proper redesigning of your website can help you strike back successfully.
  • Going along with the Competitors-
    • Finally, if you need some absolute reason for redesigning process, then checkout your competitor’s website once. If you think they have gained momentum over your website in search engines, then definitely it is time for a change.
    • SERPs always look for websites that are more superior in technology and less complex in accessibility. There is no hard core rule that change should be made in accordance to your competitor’s website, unless it is to retain or exceed your SEO rank.



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