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Cyber-security is the application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber attacks that can include accessing, changing or deleting sensitive data; extorting payment; or interfering with business processes. While organizations are now more aware than ever before as to the importance of cyber-security, many (if not most) […]

When a computer became capable of understanding the situation, sensing the needs, it lead to the development of Internet of Things, which is also known as IoT. IoT is not at all restricted to home automation devices but is also reaching the business requirements through providing real-time analytics for performance optimization. Before moving on to […]

“Solitude sometimes is the best society” well, it is certainly true, but not everyone will be privileged enough to have one. It is a digital era, where the word privacy does not carry any value. Eavesdropping is one such common activity that can be encountered during an online communication. The impact of such an action […]

Internet is not a safe place to tread anymore, the possibility of being a victim to some kind of attack is greater than before. HTTP aka Hypertext Transfer Protocol is an application protocol used for supporting communication over the internet. The need for migration is highlighted in the above statement, but why? Even though HTTP […]