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Cloud IaaS Market in India to see growth in 2017 The demand and performance have always created a tough path for organizations aiming for a good development. I think everyone is aware that the cloud technology or cloud computing is the future, and in this post, we will see the need of transition from traditional […]

Authentication through numerical password is not only becoming a challenge for the Smartphone users, but also an onerous one. Sometimes, with the requirements to input a complex alphanumeric password, the users either tend to mix-up things or come up with a much better approach, which is to forget. Also, no matter how complex the password […]

“IM, VoIP, IoT controls, and many more represent real-time applications. Not easy to develop, real-time applications are fast becoming a driving force for the whole mankind. If we dig deeper, real-time applications are based on various under-lying concepts. Real-time applications are purely based on or SocketCluster services, where, is a JavaScript library. This […]

Fluidity across various devices, this concept runs across a developer’s mind only if he is aiming for responsive websites. The content of a website can be compared to water, where it easily conforms to different containers. Similarly a responsive website should also adopt that nature to give better user-experience. Responsive web designing mainly deals with […]

Smart home devices manage and align your busy life faithfully. These devices have become a part of your life rather than a passing fad. Smart devices enable the users to control the functioning anytime, anywhere. The controlling of these devices require advanced communication which, is provided through IoT. IoT aka Internet of Things, is the […]