Competitive Advantages of Outsourcing to India

Competitive-advantagesBusiness owners have to make a lot of tough decisions; some which can be rather challenging on decide and then work on. The decision to outsource or not is an easier decision to make, once you know of the competitive advantages of outsourcing to India. The following paragraphs will help you understand why you should outsource to India and the 2 benefits of outsourcing that you can enjoy by considering India as your preferred offshore hub.

Irrefutable Advantages of Outsourcing to India

  • Financial Benefits of Outsourcing – Outsourcing an expert from India is definitely cheaper than hiring an expert for your in-house team and hiring 10 employees in India will cost the same as hiring 5 employees in your home country. This implies that you can get expert advice and increased manpower strength by choosing to hire a good firm in India. Keep in mind that all the companies in this country are not the same; thus choose with care to ensure that you get maximum returns for minimum benefits.
  • Taxation and IT Benefits – Bangalore is the Silicone Valley of India and for valid reasons. This city is home to more than 50 multi-national companies, over 100 medium sized companies, 300 or more small IT firms and even various start-ups that take on small outsourcing projects. The Indian Government has realized and recognized the fact that getting work from companies abroad is beneficial for the people of this country, thus there are various taxation laws to help aid a successful relationship between clients and contractors. Indian companies that have already set up centers in Bangalore Hyderabad and Pune, have established offices, server rooms and all the required equipment to ensure that projects go smoothly without glitches. Investors, generators, air conditioning units and other necessary gadgets are present in these offices to ensure that there is no down time and that server rooms do not heat up.


In this day and age, when money is the most important commodity there is, outsourcing can help you save money while making extra profits. Remember, the benefits of outsourcing also include the pay as you go IT infrastructure facility that you can get for fraction as compared to outright purchasing equipment in your home country. What’s more is that, the contractual agreement signed by contractors and clients, ensure that you as a client do not have to worry about a thing, as these iron clad agreements will protect you in the rare situation that things go south between you and the contractor. If you still need help to clarify any doubts then consider finding a small IT or web development firm who can walk you through the process of outsourcing, one step at a time.



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