Is It Wise to Invest in YouTube Advertising

youtube advertising

The majority of YouTube’s viewers are now using their phones. As a result, Google has been working on platforms that allow advertisers to reach customers more efficiently across all devices.

Google now allows customers to leverage search data for YouTube advertising and YouTube viewing behaviour for Search targeting and is actively working on new algorithms that will enable conversion-focused Smart Bidding in YouTube campaigns!

According to estimates from 2016, 74% of viewers who watched a tutorial on YouTube to learn more about a product or service went on to buy it. Google has seen this trend and is attempting to capitalise on viewers’ increasing readiness to incorporate video into the contemplation and decision phases of their buyer journeys with new YouTube advertising opportunities.

Why does YouTube advertising make sense for business growth?

YouTube is still the second most popular search engine and third most visited website. While search advertising is an immensely useful tool, a significant portion of the average user’s online time is spent outside of search.

Since search only accounts for 21% of active users’ time on the web, YouTube advertising opens you yet another channel to contact your customers. With 1 hour of content posted every second and 4 billion videos seen every day, YouTube has a near-infinite collection. It’s clear to see the great potential for brand exposure and research. Moreover, it shows that video advertisements work well in this situation.


YouTube advertising is undoubtedly a wise investment

YouTube is already one of the most popular advertising platforms, with its reach and capabilities expanding. It’s no longer a question of whether or not you should incorporate YouTube video campaigns in your online ad strategy in today’s fast-paced, mobile-heavy market.

It’s a question of which tactics you should employ to support your YouTube and video content efforts. YouTube advertising evolves from an awareness tool to a full-funnel platform with a traceable impact on your company’s bottom line.

This post only manages to touch the tip of what YouTube advertising can do. It has, however, provided an overview of how and why it is a vital component to include in your approach. YouTube ads are becoming an increasingly important aspect of pay-per-click marketing.

Your brand is now at risk of falling behind the competition if you do not start using these tools. Innovative and forward-thinking firms that make use of this unique advertising vehicle, on the other hand, will become increasingly identifiable to the vast number of YouTube viewers with whom they interact.


Google has made strenuous efforts to increase transparency and targeting for YouTube video advertising, but they are not yet finished. The next goal is to increase advertiser adoption by demonstrating YouTube’s capacity to generate high-quality conversions.

However, understanding every technicality and keeping yourself updated with the latest changes can be overwhelming. By outsourcing your marketing requirements to a team dedicated to handling paid campaigns effectively you can be assured of getting the right results for your company’s marketing goals.

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