Is there any significance in crawling and indexing a website???

Google-Algorithm-WritingFor conducting a successful online business, launching a website alone is not sufficient. People should be well aware that a website needs to be visible enough for the Search engines to earn a rank efficiently. So, the question which arises is how to make the website more visible? Is there any well-defined approach that can earn the websites a good SEO ranking?

To start with simple words, creating a well-defined map can easily guide the travelers in reaching their respective destinations. So, when you develop a website, a good keyword rich content is necessary. Hence Google looks for websites which contain information that is search engine friendly and relevant. Once a website succeeds to achieve this, a good SEO ranking is received, which in turn ensures more conversion rates. A question is sure to pop in every reader’s mind now. How is Google ranking the websites? Is a good content only the way to achieve it? How well are the adopted techniques accurate?

What is Crawling & Indexing?

In this section we will get to know more about the importance of crawling and indexing. But before that, we should be familiarized about crawling and indexing process. Crawler, which is better known as web crawler is a software to search for the web pages that contains relevant interlinks and quality rich data for the potential users. Crawlers are URL hunters, through proper interlinks they try to find all the URLs of the web pages that are intelligible and relevant for the target audience.

The most popular crawler is “Googlebot”, search software that efficiently helps to develop an index for the web servers. Googlebot faithfully follows Hypertext Reference Links and hence explores for the web pages that contain newly updated content and proper inter-links.

Now jumping into the next bandwagon of discussion, indexing is completely dependent on crawlers. To be more discreet, once the relevant action is performed by a crawler, the pages are to be structured in Google search. And this process is done by Google Indexing. One thing to be noted here is there is no hardcore rule that all the web pages which are crawled should be indexed. The main reason for this hindrance is due to indexability issues. Search engine always look for the best results, so a website with duplicate content, looped redirects or broken links can easily repel web crawlers from indexing it. Site owners should always make sure that these negative aspects are not seen on their website to avoid bounce rates.

About Robots.txt file

No, we are not at all deviating from our core topic here, because Robots.txt file is completely related to web crawlers and indexers. Allowing all the pages to be crawled is not a smart move, but making the web crawlers to reach only the relevant information is more effective. This action can be efficiently performed through Robots.txt file, which is also known as Robot exclusion standard. Through this protocol the site owners can make the web crawlers to perform only on the desired web pages.

Some of the best ways to attract web crawlers is, firstly provide a Sitemap to the Google, secondly gain more number of conversion visits by making your website user-friendly. And finally, make regular updates on your websites. Once the search engine is impressed, it is easy to get web crawlers in action. So, in short, whenever a user searches for a topic, the search engine directs him to the site that contains the most relevant information. Web crawling and indexing is playing a major role in making this happen.



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