Key Parameters to Evaluate an India Outsourcing Firm

business-outsourcingAre you planning to outsource to India, but do you need help to understand how to choose an Indian outsourcing firm? Continue reading as the following paragraphs will elaborate on this and a few of the benefits of outsourcing to India.

How to Choose an Indian Outsourcing Firm?

  • Portfolio – A good portfolio indicates that the candidate is experienced in that particular field and is prepared for an interview either telephonic or online via video calling.
  • References – An experienced candidate will be willing to give you 2-3 references for previous jobs, you might have to ask for this as not all candidates even though experienced, hand out references unless selected.
  • Reputation – An established company will have a good reputation in the market and will work hard to keep this reputation untarnished, since a good reputation will help him get future clients.
  • IT Infrastructure – An established small IT firm will have computers, a high speed internet, server rooms, A.Cs for server rooms and order needed equipments to ensure you get the most from the pay as you go IT services they offer.
  • Cost to Company – A small IT firm will charge you a reasonable amount which might be open to negotiation depending on the size and length of the project. The nature of the project and the number of team members that will have to work on the project will also determine the total invoice amount. A good IT firm will discuss the final cost and other terms before the agreement is signed by both the parties.

2 Benefits of Outsourcing to India

  • Lower Costs – The total cost your company incurs by outsourcing to India is much lesser especially if you hire either a small IT firm or a web developing firm. If you choose to get all your work done from the same company then you can get the work done at a lower cost as compared to doing it in-house in your home country.
  • Higher Quality – By outsourcing to a freelancer, you will have to spend time and resources in sourcing the ideal candidate for your company, train that candidate and then ask for updates or edits on the completed work. By hiring an established yet small firm, you can be sure that the dedicated team that will work on your project will be vetted, trained and even experienced enough to complete the task for you with ease.


If you have decided to take this power move for your business, then remember, not all firms have the same policies thus, to enjoy all the benefits of outsourcing to India, choose a small IT firm only after conducting a brief interview through your preferred method of narrowing down the ideal candidate for your outsourcing needs.



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