Optimize your Website Performance: Beginner’s Guide to On-page SEO Techniques

on page seo techniqueGoogle, Bing, and Yahoo, well, do you think it is possible for your website to gain a chief spot in every one of these major search engines? You might have seen people involving themselves in numerous SEO campaigns, and in this post, we will learn about on-page SEO technique, which is one of the major categories of a successful SEO campaign.

An SEO campaign conventionally involves two major categories, say,

  • on-page optimization technique, and
  • off-page optimization technique

Here, each of these techniques is contrasting in the nature of their approach.

One thing should be known, with digital landscape turning into a battlefield, digital marketers should maintain a linear relation with both of these processes.

It’s a pretty long list, but still worthy enough to learn if you want to have a successful online business. And no wonder some marketers proceed to follow back-door SEO techniques.

What is an On-page SEO Technique?

A marketing discipline focused towards making the website more compatible with search engines. The word SEO can keep any online marketer on the edge of his seat.

A lot of techniques may come up, but think it as a message that says ‘if you want favorable search traffic then you should go with this.’

On-page optimization today is more than a simple keyword placement process.’ The term ‘on-page’ completely revolves around the quality, relevance, and readability aspects of a website. This technique works towards making the internal factors more agreeable towards the search engines.

Each component of a website is optimized/varied (in simple words) so that it ranks better in search engine result pages.

The Elements of On-page SEO Techniques

  • Content
    • If you ask me I think people hardly read or even if they do there is no guarantee that they will go through every word in your content. Now, don’t get happy and fill in your website with irrelevant content, because I’m sure you will definitely annoy Google.
    • A website with keyword rich content, wow search engines will be looking for such sources.
    • Get the help of keyword research tools and make the content more relevant, informative for your visitors.
  • Title Tags
    • Why title tags holds so much importance?
    • (Title tags are the preview snippets of a web page)
    • It is a way to tell both the Google crawler and an internet user about the subject you are into. If my website is offering a service, then its title should contain that keyword and relevant words to get noticed.
  • Meta Description
    • The content that appears under the clickable link in the SERP is the Meta description. What is it actually? Well, you can call Meta description as the snippet (approx 150-160 characters) for summarizing the website/webpage’s content.
    • Make sure not to do keyword spamming, but never forget to include relevant keywords and other important facts like byline information, author, and features (psst don’t forget the character limit).
  • Alt Text
    • alt attributes“, “alt descriptions,” or “alt tags”, whew, alt text short for alternate text is recognized by so many names, then what is an alt text?
    • Used within HTML code, adding alt text to the photos/images should be the first priority of a web developer. Call this process as a way to attract the web crawlers, or in better words, you are describing the image used on your website.
    • A good example I think will help you, suppose you have uploaded an image of bird, then “alt=red bird flying”.
  • Internal Links
    • Architect your website with good internal links and earn favorable organic traffic. Here I’m not speaking about some advanced SEO technique, but the most basic requirement that every content reader or information searcher looks for.
    • Through the interlinking process, you are giving value to your reader’s time. The more they spend their time on your website, the more knowledge they will be gaining.
    • If your website is having a strong interlinked structure, then trust me, getting attention from Google crawler will never be an issue of concern.



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