Outsourcing turns inside out as Indian companies start setting up US centers

indian-companies-US-outsource.jpgOutsourcing is considered to be as a power move for both small and large businesses if they want to save money and get talented manpower. In the past US companies have chosen to outsource to India and so have companies from Australia, Europe and UK. This list is not extensive as companies from other countries are also starting to outsource to India as and when they are noticing the prominent benefits of offshore centers. As shocking as it might seem, a few large Indian companies have been setting up centers in US and the following paragraphs will elaborate on the sustainability of this practice.

Features of Indian Companies Setting up US Centers

  • The Indian company will have to spend money to set up centers in USA. Tables will be turned and the Indian company will be the client, the Indian company will have to spend in USD to set up the office and set up the infrastructure. Taxation laws will be applicable.
  • Setting up such an operation will boost the reputation and credentials of the Indian company but the cost of running such a setup and paying all the staff in USD, can outweigh the initial benefits of setting up a center in the United States of America.
  • If the setup is a success and the Indian company ends up making a sustainable profit, then with time, the center that is set up in USA by the Indian company might work out. The chances of this happening are not too great, the risk is significant, but if the center does work out, then the profits will be excellent.

Benefits of Offshore Centers in India

  • If you are from a country such as the USA or UK, then one of the most important benefits of offshore centers for you is a global presence. A company with a global presence is noticed by clients and competitors and such a company can enjoy increased profits by opting for cheaper manpower while getting qualified professionals in this bargain.
  • Choosing offshore centers that are located in India can make sure that you get better infrastructure on a pay as you go basis. If you choose to outsource to India, projects for web development then you do not have to invest a fixed amount in equipment, software programs and other resources. Instead, you will have to pay the contractor for the resources you are using while the project is being worked upon by them.


There are at least a dozen companies that outsource to India on an annual basis because they have studied the Indian and International market thoroughly. If you want to outsource to India, then the time to do this is now. If you want to see the actual benefits of offshore centers in India, then consider hiring a small IT company for a medium sized project on a trial basis. If the project is completed as per your expectations, then consider opting for large scale outsourcing with the same IT firm or additional IT firms.



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