PPC Marketing: One of The Keys to A Successful Business

  • March 11, 2022
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ppc marketing

Have you tried running any search on Google recently? From searching for digital or social media marketing, you can even search for the recipe of your favorite dish! Once you do, check the results carefully. Do you notice something different about the results that are at the top? You will see that the URLs of these results have the word “ad” written in bold before them. These are nothing but paid Ads on Google. If you have been studying the ad trend for the past 5 years, you must have noticed how the number of these Ads has gone up.  Also know as PPC Marketing or Paid Campaigns it can help business generate revenue and earn profit.

You can find as many as 4-5 Ads at times coming on top of the page, followed by some results from Google Maps. The first organic result might be coming at the bottom of the first page. And, if you know human psychology, it is far less likely for someone to scroll down and find an organic result. So, for a business to get conversions, it is essential that it starts to show up towards the top of the search results of Google. And, as it stands, the only way to ensure it is to run advertisements.

PPC Marketing is the power behind successful businesses

For those who have never tried out advertising on Google, it might sound like a costly option. This thought is one of the reasons why many small and new businesses shy away from Google Ads. However, PPC, or Pay Per Click, is the perfect marketing campaign that every business needs to adopt.

Here are a few major benefits of PPC –

  • Achieves Business Goals: PPC marketing campaigns are extremely flexible and powerful. They are used to align the website traffic drivers with the final goal of the business. PPC campaigns can be used to get leads or create brand awareness, or to ensure a sale for eCommerce businesses, and much more. The advertisement can be tweaked to achieve the end goal.


  • Highly quantifiable: Unlike many other marketing campaigns, PPC marketing campaign results are much easier to track and measure. You can easily find out how the PPC campaign is working and get metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions while using the Google Ads tool. There is nothing obscure about the results in this. You will clearly be able to notice what’s working and how it is working. Find out exactly what kind of traffic the campaign is driving and the amount you are paying for the results. This makes strategizing much easier, more effective, and efficient. PPC marketing beats SEO when it comes to attributing results with budget directly. There is no other form of advertisement that will give you such a direct and defined result.
  • Absolute control: PPC marketing campaigns offer control like none other. As you can see exactly what’s working and what’s not, you can decide to stop, modify, or extend a campaign at any point. Moreover, you are in control of your budget. You are also paying for exactly what you are receiving. There is absolute conversion in the form of traffic for every penny spent. No other marketing campaign comes with such high conversion and guarantee.
  • Launches your campaign instantly: PPC marketing campaigns are incredibly easy to launch as well. Even if you are new to Google Ads, a few tutorial videos will make it absolutely clear what to input and how to set up your PPC marketing campaign using Google Ads tools. The campaign also launches instantly, and you will start seeing the results within a matter of days. The calculations are straightforward and extremely simple to understand. The benefits are plenty!

Give your business the boost

Your business needs Ads, and PPC advertisements are the best way to start it. The immense data collected will further help you prepare your other marketing campaigns as you diversify your digital marketing game.

If you are looking for a PPC expert, find one at outsourced365. The platform offers a pool of experts to help you start with your PPC campaign at a low management cost.

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