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What is Outsourcing? Outsourcing is one of the most powerful business strategies, where your company or a firm can hire a third-party company to execute certain specific jobs to flourish and expand the business. Previously, these in-house jobs were performed by the company employees, but in today’s digitalized era, outsourcing has come up as a […]

COVID-19 is a global humanitarian challenge, that has affected people, communities and businesses. Survival and protection has become the key factor for business. As they work towards operating in a changing environment following the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more businesses have realized the importance of outsourcing and have consulted various outsourcing companies for the services. […]

The zoonotic virus has brought businesses in most sectors to a standstill, while others operate on a limited scale. Regardless of operations, COVID-19 has impacted life on a global scale, with governments and businesses looking at methods to come out of the economic tailspin. While it will certainly not be business as usual, there are […]

Entrepreneurs often take too many roles, managing accounting books, troubleshooting IT issues, handling payroll and much more. In the process, they would prove themselves insufficient building their own business. One solution to help them is outsourcing. It’s not an option designed for big business and with the advent of technology, it is now quite easily […]