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If we look at the trends behind the adoption of website security measures, we will notice one very strange phenomenon. A majority of the organisations decided that they needed to invest in website security only after facing some serious security breach. The reason it is strange is because such security breaches can set a business […]

Web analytics have clearly shown why most websites miss the point entirely when it comes to web designing. Visitors to websites have low tolerance levels for poorly designed websites – snap judgments are the order of the day, because visitors have the luxury of multiple search results. This makes it necessary for websites to get […]

It’s a daunting task for someone to run a company and execute marketing strategies at the same time. As a business person your time is your most valuable asset. Instead of working harder, or adding more hours, you can outsource. According to Neil Patel, “Outsourcing will save your life. As your business grows, you will […]

The narrative is in the numbers – more than 50% of businesses rely on outsourcing for customer support operations. Outsourcing is not just about the language of business- the revenues, but depends on various other dimensions that are critical for the success of the business. The need to meet deadlines, and access to cost effective […]