The Importance of Google Maps for Businesses

  • November 18, 2022
  • SEO


Let’s assume you have two options- shop A and shop B where you can get your desired products. But the catch is that you know the address of Shop B to the T. On the other hand, the location of Shop A is not clear to you. Which shop would you prefer to visit? Of course, Shop B!

Your target audience uses the same logic while making the purchase decision. So, why not make your business accessible and easy to locate for your TG?

Here’s how you can do so by leveraging Google Maps!

What is Google Map marketing?

 If you wish to get an edge over your competitors and attract more customers, try street-level marketing or Google Map marketing. This refers to optimisation of your presence in Google maps. By creating your business profile on Google, you can easily enhance the visibility of your business in the search results, thereby attracting quality online traffic.

 Let’s explore the different benefits that you can reap from Google map marketing!

Advantages you are in for by leveraging Google maps

  • Your TG will discover your business easily!

Local listing enables your target audience to discover your business without any fuss! When your TG searches online for the services and products that you offer, Google map recommends your business to them by using local SEO. The target audience now knows about your business, its location as well as the services and products you offer. These details allow your TG to consider your business as a reliable option.

  • Google maps enhance the level of accessibility

Your business profile on Google displays significant data, such as the contact number and work hours of your business. The same is used by Google maps to enhance the accessibility of the business. Your TG can now easily locate you and call you to know further details about the business.


  • An optimised business profile on Google map makes you credible enough

Local listing on Google makes your business look trustworthy. The accurate location, contact numbers, and other relevant details portray your business as a credible entity. If you are running a brick-and-mortar shop, then your customers can locate you easily by referring to landmarks and following directions on Google maps. If you have an online business, then too, you will receive online traffic as a Google map can be linked straight to your website. Your target audience can look up your products and services and know more about you as they are directed straight to your business website.

  • Customer reviews portray the true picture of your business for your TG

It is a healthy business practice to request your customers to leave feedback on your Google business profile. Google maps display these reviews to your target audience. If the reviews are positive enough, they can easily win the trust of your TG. These types of social confirmation boost your sales manifolds. Encourage your existing customers to leave star ratings, customer images and written reviews.

  • The available images help your costumers to make a smart decision

 Don’t forget to add some high-quality images related to your business in your Google business profile. Google maps will display these images along with your business location when people try to locate you. Better images can convince your TG to approach you. Try incorporating 360-degree images, too, for a better view.


Now that you know the advantages of Google maps for your business create your Google business profile today. Outsource SEO services so that your business ranks higher in the search results. Higher your ranking, the greater the chances of your TG to search for you on Google maps to reach out to you.

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