These Design Trends are sure to make your Mobile Applications more Exceptional

Google-Algorithm-WritingMobile devices are managing more people than desktop, why? Easier to access, carry and operate, mobile technology is truly creating a transformation out there. The importance of small screen devices can be seen, but is also necessary that these small-screen devices should also be appealing and functional enough to retain the interests for longer time.

There is no second word that these two factors are given the highest priority, but still the need to improvise them is making us to look through the following few design trends. These trends are sure to enhance your experiences for after time.

    • Subtle Color Schemes– Bold, flashy palettes are a long gone tradition, well at least for mobile devices. Subtle colors are fun and professional and they also promise to be more impactful than rich shades. They are visually very warm and hence manage to be more connective with the users.
    • Scrolling Effects– A word of mouth, even though scrolling effects are a raging success in desktop websites, the complete transition to small-screen devices is not yet complete. The day it happens, then mobile users will have an experience like never before. Because, Parallax scrolling is one such method where the web components move at varying speed, enhancing the overall visual beauty.

Scrolling method is not at all limited to parallax scrolling because we can also find modular and finite scrolling techniques that are much more impressive.

    • Animated Elements– Generally saved as CSS, GIF, SVG or videos, the animation effects can range from a simple element change to full-scale interactions. Animations help to connect with people emotionally; they boost the functionality through fluidity.

They adopt realism and enhance the user-experience in each phase; also, they enable the users to perform call-to-action.

  • Storytelling– Less word, more action is the mantra of trending mobile applications. Audience gets better connected with your memories and moments that you want to project, through this innovative approach. Business ventures are greatly benefited through this technique, as they compel the users to perform call-to-actions.
  • Blurred Backgrounds- Spice up the appearance of mobile applications by using this blurred background technique. Under this approach is it very easier to highlight the important elements as they stand out through the background. Again call-to-actions can be easily performed as they are visually accentuated.

Once in a fortnight, we can see the new design trends that are popping up. Trendy designs are challenging the users to be less interactive, but are failing to do so. On the whole, mobile applications are getting better and smart by the day to give enhanced user-experience.



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