What is the Power of having an API-driven Web App???

Google-Algorithm-WritingIf there is a criterion to reach all the customers through various platforms then it is better to build an application through API approach. In simple terms, API as a single source allows to maintain the applications across various platforms in one go.

A touch of API to your web applications can generate a lot of brownie points in terms of performance and downtime. In better words, increase in performance and a parallel decrease in downtime. To understand this, let us know something about the basic functionality of an API. API aka Application Programming Interface is a set of protocols used for building software applications. Let’s say for example you want to add a feature to the existing application, and then you need not worry about the growing code structure. Because once an API is called, it defines and provides you with the required solution efficiently. APIs are redefining the whole development process of an application through providing a dynamic experience. In general, APIs used in the process of web development is known as web APIs. Ideally defined as Hypertext Transfer Protocol request messages, APIs can also be used to develop full-scale REST services.

API develops a strong bond between apps and the devices by making the apps compatible across all the platforms. The two most common architectures used for web based APIs are REST and SOAP. SOAP which stands for Simple Object Access Protocol is an XML-based design with numerous standardized structures for requests and messages. On the other hand, REST aka Representational State Transfer is a set of principles that defines how HTTPS and URLs should be used. Usually, REST is the most preferred by developers over SOAP due to its decoupled architecture. On the other hand, SOAP requires a separate code structure for requesting and providing data for either client or server respectively.

Key advantages of API are,

• Faster development of applications
• Improved functionality for greater user-experience
• Overall service and development process can be performed independently
• Enables communication between the front and back end
• Compatible with all data formats
• Provides enterprise-level security for the data
• Supports scalability along with the growing business requirements

A good web application is all about scalability and performance. So, the performance of an application should not decrease if there is more addition of features. Creating an API based web application can ensure more user interface and consistent performance across various devices. Also, through a set of rules API allows communication between operating systems, applications, and other libraries. With backing from API, apps are sure to receive high degree of security and have less redundant downtime.



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