outsource technology and benefit

How do Companies Outsource Technology and Benefit From Them

Outsourcing is a process in which a business engages third party individual(s) or a company to handle certain activities for them. Thanks to…
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outsourcing scenarios with work from home

Why Outsourcing Industries Struggle with Work From Home Scenarios

Businesses plan for various scenarios and business continuity plans are often designed around these “known unknown’ situations. However, COVID-19 caught every single business…
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Business processes that can be outsourced post COVID-19

Business Processes That Can Be Outsourced Post COVID-19

The zoonotic virus has brought businesses in most sectors to a standstill, while others operate on a limited scale. Regardless of operations, COVID-19…
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Areas of Business you Should Outsource in 2020

Business operations today have been revolutionised by outsourcing. Outsourcing at its initial stage was only restricted to low cost functionalities like data entry…
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