AWS-ECC508, A New Chip to combat Hackers and Make Internet of Things (IoT) more reliable

Google-Algorithm-WritingSmart home devices manage and align your busy life faithfully. These devices have become a part of your life rather than a passing fad. Smart devices enable the users to control the functioning anytime, anywhere. The controlling of these devices require advanced communication which, is provided through IoT. IoT aka Internet of Things, is the internetworking of connected devices which are embedded with sensors or software to enable reliable communication.

From heart monitoring implants to field monitoring devices, IoT is having a major leverage in almost all the fields. In simple words, IoT implies to the controlling of devices over internet.” T” here stands for Things, which is the amalgamation of hardware, software or a living being. IoT here makes use of unique identifiers, to support communication or data transfer without any mode of interaction.

Combat the Potential Risks

When everything is going internet, devices will surely make the life more flexible and easy. But on the darker side, potential risks will always be looming around to pounce. The risk can be given with a face of security. Obviously for any enterprise or an individual data integrity is the most concerned topic.

Violation in data security will definitely affect your privacy substantially. So, no one wants to compromise on that factor. The basic logic behind IoT is to control the devices remotely through a computer or a Smartphone. Lot of advantages can be deduced from this action but the question is, are you the only person to have that access. As a user, you know the answer better, because the chances of getting hacked are more. So, the question of integrity never comes into picture.

AWS-ECC508 to the Rescue

A device can never be smart unless it offers both safety and leverage. A new add-on chip, namely AWS-ECC508 was developed under the fruitful collaboration of Microchip and Amazon. The main objective of this collaboration was to combat the data security attacks. Note that users are compelled to use cloud infrastructure for their devices, to make the chip more effective. Cloud service enables easier communication between the two bodies, but on the downside, cloud services can easily be compromised with security.

AWS-ECC508 marks a powerful presence through providing end-to-end security, thus maintaining the overall data integrity. We may ask like, what makes this chip so special and reliable? Well, the answer lies in elliptic curve cryptography algorithm. While keeping this algorithm as a foundation, cryptographic key based identities are created for cloud infrastructures. So, each time data is to be transferred, these keys are verified through mutual authentication system to ensure an overall integrity.

The Bottom Line

IoT offers unlimited privileges, but the user end should make sure that security is not compromised in the process. Home automation is the best example, wherein you have a 24X7 remote access to your place, but at the same time even a potential hacker can have that privilege. Keeping all these possibilities in mind it is better to have a secure approach through AWS-ECC508 chip.



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