StringBean, The 4K Featherweight Framework, a Better choice for Supporting High Screen Resolutions

Google-Algorithm-WritingFluidity across various devices, this concept runs across a developer’s mind only if he is aiming for responsive websites. The content of a website can be compared to water, where it easily conforms to different containers. Similarly a responsive website should also adopt that nature to give better user-experience.

Responsive web designing mainly deals with media queries, grid-based layouts, and image resolution. A framework in general, can be compared to a skeleton that makes the development of websites quicker and easier. A CSS effectively controls the display feature of a website through display property. So when the transition between multiple screens takes place, the content will be automatically adjusted.

There are numerous CSS frameworks to list, namely, Pure, Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, Base, Skeleton, StringBean and many more. Unlike traditional frameworks, StringBean offers numerous advantages while developing highly robust responsive websites. Following are few key attributes, which are making StringBean stand among the rest.

Features of StringBean

  • Grid System- Stringbean has been gaining a lot of attention due to its grid system layout. Instead of 12-point system, this framework is providing 24-point system. So, what is so good about it? You may ask.
    Well, supporting high-resolution screens like HD, UHD will be a breeze under this grid system.
  • Breakpoints- From “x-small” to “mega-uhd”, StringBean altogether offers 6-break points. But, what exactly is a break point? And why do we add these break points?
  • Whenever there is a contraction in the layouts, at certain points the content appears dreadful. So, by adding a breakpoint at that particular spot the content retains its appearance. More break points, implies that the chance of retaining better visibility and quality in the appearance is greater. The best example is a 4K monitor, where the requirement for larger screen resolution is more compared to a mobile phone.
  • HTML Elements- StringBean provides typography, navigation bar, button, progress bars, forms and many more to allow the developers have a resilient approach.

The word Featherweight is used because a set of add-ons are being created in case of the requirement for additional functionalities. Usually, the drawback of a framework is the possibility of code bloating, but under Stringbean the probability is negative.

In general, frameworks provide a common architecture to minimize the overall cost and time structure of a web development process. Responsive technology is the emerging lifeline for conducting an efficient and productive business. Providing better user-experience is the main motto of this stream, and the need to have consistency has become a basic need. Selection of frameworks should be made in accordance to the complexity and requirements.



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