How to Get Most out of Outsourced Programmers

getting-most-out-of-outsourced-programmers.jpgMost clients believe that by hiring an expert outsourced programmer, they will get excellent results for a reasonable compensation right from day one. This is not entirely true, as it takes some amount of time, for the expert outsourced programmer and the client to understand each other’s business needs. This process can be quickened by following the tips that are mentioned in the paragraphs below.

  • Hire an Expert Outsourced Programmer After Doing Your Research
    In this sense, the term doing your research means that, you need you need to understand your basic needs before jumping the gun and hiring the first programmer you find. This also means that you need to work out your budget, the basic project requirements and the terms of the contract you want to be implemented in the final drafts.
  • Hire a Reputed Outsourcing Company
    Choosing to hire a freelancer has a few perks however; freelancers tend to delay projects not because they are lazy, but because they are either a lone person or a small group of people undertaking large projects. Small projects can indeed be given to freelancers with a good reputation however; larger projects that are tedious and time consuming should preferably be handed over to a reputed outsourcing company that has a small to medium work force.
  • Give Fixed Instructions in a Timely Manner
    If you are outsourcing your work, then you should make it a point to give clear and concise instructions along with feedback. Instructions such as, ‘I want it like my competitor’s website, you figure out the rest’ are very confusing and can lead to delayed deliverables due to improper work being done. As a client, make sure to give instructions that explain what you are looking for and by when do you need the work. You do not have to give a page full of instructions; just make sure that the important points are mentioned when you are hiring an expert outsourced programmer.
  • Be Open to Listening to the Suggestions of the Outsourced Programmer
    While discussing the scope of the project and work, ensure that you spend at least 30 minutes to hear what suggestions the programmer can offer you. By doing this, you might get advice from an expert who has experience in the field which will lead to the final product being better than originally planned.


If you are planning to hire an expert outsourced programmer then ensure that you do not confuse the terms of fair compensation with reasonable compensation. Fair compensation is the bare minimum you can offer and this type of payment will only get you so far. By giving a reasonable compensation that is agreed by both you and the reputed outsourced company, you can make sure that you get good quality work that will be beneficial to your business.



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