Social Media Setup and Maintenance

When it comes to social media the choices seem to be endless, but there are few that have gone on to be successful. Presently the most preferred choices are the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Each one differs from others in different ways with Facebook offering users to update their timelines with pictures, messages and even live stream videos. Twitter allows users to update regular news updates using short tweets with an option to provide a link to the main page where people can learn more. LinkedIn has been purely dominated by the business class and seems to be the most preferred choice for business connections. Instagram is the place where people can various moments of the life as pictures with captions and seems to be very popular with the entertainment industry.

The idea behind using all these social media platform is to use it effectively for brand marketing purposes if one is looking at taking a particular brand to the masses. With the amount of users that each of these platforms boast of effective usage of these platforms can result in great brand marketing with its reach going far and wide.

Social media has come a long way with most of the leading platforms offering cutting age tools like analytics to keep track of the users using a particular profile their behavior pattern and many other valuable details for users who are looking at using social media for brand marketing. Social media setup and maintenance can be tedious for many people who are busy with their own schedules and have little or no time to spend on it. There are companies that can offer such services.

The main purpose of hiring companies who can do social media setup and maintenance is their ability to consistently maintain online presence while the people related to the particular profile can concentrate on doing the work offline through the leads they can achieve through online work.

Here at Outsourced 365 we offer the following services.

  1. Creating profiles for the different brands and users based on their requirements
  2. Creating content on a regular basis depending on the different brands/users
  3. Posting content on a regular basis to promote brands on a regular basis
  4. Creating brand awareness through interesting and specific information depending on the particular profile.
  5. Using advanced analytics tools to track the visitors and behavior patterns and making effective changes to run campaigns more effectively
  6. Run paid campaigns customized to different users and their budgets
  7. Create awareness through infographics, banners and other visual solutions that engage visitors in a more effective manner
  8. Running email marketing and video marketing campaigns
  9. Increase the contact list by effective engaging with new contacts
  10. Join other groups and engage in effective conversation to widen brand awareness among its users.

Social Media Setup

  • Create customized Networking Profiles
  • Carrying over existing contact lists from various other platforms creating a user base in the new platform
  • Create a fan page
  • Setup blog feeds, twitter feeds
  • Regular updates in the profile based on different package settings

Facebook Profile Maintenance

  • Joining different groups related to the profile and sending invites to add new members to the profile
  • Like and engage on other user posts
  • Confirming new friend request and sending thank you messages
  • Update on different events, news, videos on user profile
  • Invite friends to the fan page

Facebook Business Page Maintenance

  • Create content for different profiles based on their industry through websites and client interactions
  • Engage to comments on the posts on the timeline
  • Update timeline about events, posts, videos based on information received from the clients
  • Creation and maintenance of appropriate Facebook tabs
  • Engage users with contests to increase fan activity

LinkedIn Maintenance

  • Joining other groups inviting members to clients network
  • Accept new connection requests and respond with appropriate thank you messages
  • Post infographics, presentations, articles, blogs, videos
  • Update on events and webinars

Twitter Maintenance

  • Invite new followers based on client requirements
  • Live tweets based on updates from clients, retweeting, responding to direct messages and replies
  • Create and manage contests to increase activity