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Automobile Industry

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Boosting Organic Internet Traffic Through Customised and Personalised SEO Techniques - U.K Automobile Refurbishment Company – Collaborating ideas and efforts with the leading vehicle wheel refurbishment company in the United Kingdom

Location – The United Kingdom
Type - Automobile Industry
Founded – In the year 2002

The Challenge

The primary purpose of the project undertaken by Outsourced365 was to increase the online presence, usability and organic search engine traffic to the website that was already created by the client. The goal of the team at Outsourced365 was to change the structure of the existing website using a variety of techniques without in any way reducing the quality of creative presentation of the existing website.

The original website was developed by a different contractor a while ago. Outsourced365 decided to run a baseline SERP report to understand which position the website stood at in the search list of Google. It was found that the website did not appear in the first 5 pages of Google even though popular search terms were being used. A further analysis of SEO factors such as keywords indicated that a mere 24% of the traffic was being generated from Non-Branded Keywords from the leading search engines.


The team at Outsourced365 thoroughly examined the existing and possible problems to ranking well on the popular search engines. After which, a natural search strategy was used to overcome these difficulties. A comprehensive list of keywords was created by dedicated team and these keywords were used in the KEI that is keyword effectiveness index. In addition, the relevance for each and every keyword was analysed, and so was the number of times each keyword is searched for by competitive web pages. The most effective keywords for alloy wheels products were identified and used. The next step was to reconstruct the Home and Services Page, by adding fresh and more relevant content. The search engine optimization team ensured that the website received higher organic traffic and more genuine hits through the various techniques mentioned above. Along with effective landing pages and on page optimization techniques, the website’s layout and design was reconstructed to promote visibility and usability.

The Important Solutions Outsourced365 Provided:
  • Website Reconstruction and Redesigning
  • Online Call to Action buttons
  • Online enquiry forms
  • Automatic quote forms that could Be generated online
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • External building of links
  • Reduction of rejection and ounce rates
  • Faster loading website which was user friendly as well
  • No. 1 website to be ranked with the top 12 targeted keywords


By analysing basic and advanced parameters and using various search engine techniques, the website received an additional number of visits; the total recorded number was 17,191 in the month of April 2013 alone. This was in comparison with the number of 8,960 visits later on in December 2014. The search function contributed to approximately 82.9% of the entire traffic that was generated to the website. The total organic search figures increased from 6849 to 14,772 during this short period of time. The boost in numbers was also driven by the top 5 ranking in search engines such as Google through keywords such as alloy wheel reconditioning, wheel repair London and allow wheels repairs. Out of the top 25 keywords in the industry, the website ranked in the top 5 list for the 24 most used keywords. In addition, the website ranked as the number 1 in the top 12 most used keywords.

Outsourced365 continues to assist this client to redesign and redevelop the existing website to ensure that the website grows and progresses. Outsourced365 is creating a wide range of interactive features and reducing bounce rates while enabling online shopping for the client’s website.

The organic search contributes to an overwhelming figure of 82.9% of the overall traffic generated to this website.

From The Client

The excellent care and attention given by the customer support staff and dedicated team at Outsourced365 has tremendously improved our company’s ability to interact and successfully communicate with our online visitors.

Matt Christopher, EVS

Outsourced365’s client is the leading and largest mobile vehicle refurbishment firm located in the United Kingdom. This firm is known to have repaired and restored over 60,000 alloy wheels every year.

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