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Being a customer centric company, Outsourced365‘s core values are based on understanding our client’s needs which is why we believe in using a combination of personalized strategy along with constant evolution and innovation. These qualities have made it possible for us to run an Internet Marketing campaign that has been successful since the inception of our organization.

Outsourced365 partnered with the Online Indian Music Academy in an attempt to spread awareness about the brand across the globe and to set up platforms for online competitions on social media. The goal was to spread awareness not only to the Asia audience but also to the US and Canadian Audience.

Location– India
Industry Music
Founded in the year - 2010

The Challenge Faced by the Client

Although the client had recently launched a portal for spreading the word about the online music classes, the client needed an internet marketing company to complete a few but crucial tasks such as:

  • Increase the number of enrolments for classes
  • Attract the target demographic audience
  • Reduce the total exit rate
  • Create Brand awareness amongst online users
  • Increase social media activity

Solution - The Steps Taken by Outsourced365 that Led to Customer Satisfaction

  • The team at Outsourced365 began its journey by choosing to first analyse the website. The website was analysed to check if search engines and visitors could find the website with ease or not. In addition, competitor’s websites were scanned for the same factors to understand the desired geo specified areas along with visitor search trends.
  • Once the data was analysed, Outsourced365 continued its path by working out a unique search engine optimization placement technique that could help the client reach the top list in Google with the desired keywords and by the target demographic population.
  • A list of popular keywords was identified by Outsourced365 and these keywords were all relevant to the type of courses that were offered by the client. Primary and secondary keywords were carefully selected for each of the internal pages.
  • Layouts and navigations were worked on next to ensure that the required changes were made according to the visitors’ reports.
  • Once Outsourced365 completed the process of optimizing on-page factors, the next task that was undertaken was off-page optimization. This was done primarily by creating genuine awareness through various social media platforms. In addition, submissions were inserted in various popular search engines and online directories. Organic search traffic was generated through this method and even paid campaigns were run on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Google Ad Words.
The Top 10 Activities that Led to the Success of the Music Platform
  • On-page optimization
  • Detailed competitor analysis
  • Target Keyword Generation and Utilization
  • Facebook Contests and Singing competitions
  • Online Sales of Music Courses
  • Promotional and Seasonal Deals
  • Improved Keyword and Audience Analysis
  • Brand Awareness and Promotion Campaigns
  • Reduced Fail and Bounce Rates through detailed Visitor Behaviour Analysis


The on-page and off-page optimization efforts that were conducted by Outsourced365 increased brand value amongst online users while traffic was generated successfully though various social media activities. The successful attempts at promoting the brand brought in an increased and constant online conversion rate. The comments and feedback received from social media platforms helped the client understand their customers’ expectations. The prompt replies made by the client to their customers’ questions and comments boosted the CSAT rating.

When It All Boiled Down to Numbers, The Results Were Expectedly Good The targeted number of audience was 3, 00,000 audience through various media campaigns. The online Singing Competition had over 100 participants and 30 finalists. The winners comprised of 3 adults and 3 children below the age of 18 years old. There was a noticeable spike in enrolment rates, site traffic, and social media popularity and reduced exit rates. There was no sudden fall in numbers even after the campaign came to a halt.

Outsourced365 – The company that believes in reaching a wider audience through meticulous keyword analysis and research

From The Client

The Outsourced365 team worked with us on this project and has proven to be valuable assets to our company. Good communication skills, on time deliverables and a range of IT skills are only a few of the many traits of the Outsourced365 team.

Andy, WAM, U.S.A

The client specialized in offering online Indian classical singing courses that could be accessed by music enthusiasts from around the globe. The music academy was originally founded by an Indian playback singer whose goal was to offer high quality online lessons in Carnatic music, Indian music and similar genres.

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