Instagram Setup and Maintenance Services

Instagram has emerged has one of the most popular social media platform that is been used by people of different ages and genders. Instagram is an online social media platform that can be used for photo sharing, video sharing. Users can take pictures and videos of various events and can share them in both public and private circle. It can also be shared to a number of other social media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Instagram setup and maintenance can be a time consuming job for different professionals and many look to outsource this task to companies who are into social media setup and maintenance. Constant activity of Instagram account ensures far and wide reach of the profile among existing Instagram users and increases the reach among a wider audience.

Outsourced 365 offers services with regards to Instagram setup and maintenance at affordable prices. Some of the different tasks carried out by Outsourced 365 is listed below. Creating account for new users by finding the closest possible username depending on their choices.

  • Creating new user accounts with existing Facebook account
  • Taking over account of existing users for maintenance
  • Editing profile photo and other setup based on user requirements
  • Importing user accounts from other social media platforms
  • Finding new contacts
  • Following/unfollowing profiles based on user requirements
  • Liking posts from different profiles to increase user engagement
  • Setting up privacy to specific photos and videos based on user requirement
  • Blocking unwanted profiles
  • Engaging different users with appropriate thank you messages who have liked videos and posts
  • Sharing posts and videos on other social media platforms that users own
  • Closing existing Instagram account