Easiest Marketing Tasks That Can Be Outsourced


It’s a daunting task for someone to run a company and execute marketing strategies at the same time. As a business person your time is your most valuable asset. Instead of working harder, or adding more hours, you can outsource.

According to Neil Patel, “Outsourcing will save your life. As your business grows, you will have to decide, what you can do and what can be done by someone else. By outsourcing marketing tasks, you save valuable time and concentrate on core of your business, get efficient and expert service, reaching wider markets and of course the advantage of saving costs in the long run. Costs were lowered because the company does not have to hire new employees’ full time but at the same time benefit from expert freelancers

The Easiest Outsourcing Marketing Tasks Are:

Website Designing: Your website is part of your brand identity. It’s incredibly important, because it is the first experience of your brand that most potential customers will have. Therefore its very vital that it is designed by professionals.


SEO: The process of optimizing your website and content can requires an in-depth knowledge of the algorithms used by Google, statistical analysis and ever changing SEO techniques. So its best if this is outsourced to experts as it’s vital to your business.

Content Marketing & Blogging: This is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. But is a time consuming and continuous process. By outsourcing this, you can free up your time for developing strategies.

Social Media: This is the easiest aspect of marketing that can be outsourced right from choosing the channels, curating the articles & content, adding visuals or making videos etc, deciding on the best posting times and frequency to maximize visibility, and replying to comments and queries can be very time consuming. A good digital marketing agency can help you with all the above, and monitor the ROI of your social media efforts.

Yes there are risks involved. What if the quality of work outsourced is not good? What if the freelancer disappears? Taking the first steps toward outsourcing can be time-consuming, but outsourcing brings people to you who have years of experience in business practices and expertise in the chosen fields.

But the bottom line is you should outsource because you can make more money by outsourcing than by not outsourcing.

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